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More than 16 million men in the United States have a diagnosable mental illness. Yet, only 38% of males with any mental illness (AMI) receive mental health treatment. More discouraging is the fact that less than 66% of men with severe mental illness (SMI) receive treatment. These statistics shed light on only part of the story, failing to address the profound pain and suffering that often goes unaddressed for men and boys who suffer from a mental illness.

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Boys die by suicide at a higher rate than girls but the gap is narrowing


It is estimated that at the time of suicide, more than 90% of the boys had a mental health disorder.

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Approximately 15% of all adults aged 60 and over are said to suffer from a mental disorder. Elderly men are especially at risk for mental illness and men above age 50 have the highest rates of suicide.

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Monthly Events sponsored by Male Behavioral Health bring together a wide array of individuals from educators, clinicians, intellectuals, artists and authors, to discuss their work and topics that are important to the mental health needs of men and boys in the U.S. and worldwide.

One of our goals at Male Behavioral Health, is to build a “community of practice” of individuals, groups, institutions, and organization who seek to understand and address the unique challenges facing men and boys in the 21st Century. Our brownbag discussion are designed to expand our knowledge, develop skills, and ultimately to work towards a more equitable and just world.

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